Welcome to Our Birthing Center

Bring your little one into the world in our family-centered birthing center. All birthing suites are private, and we even include a hide-a-bed for dads or grandmas who want to spend the night.

Location:  You enter our Birthing Center through a separate entrance in the rear of the hospital.

Manager:  Traci Millsap, Manager

Phone:  503-435-6400

E-mail:  Traci.Millsap@capellahealth.com

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Comforting features, such as Jacuzzi tubs, are located in every labor room. Our in-Center Surgical Suite offers the assurance to mothers who may require a C-section, that they will be able to remain in the Birthing Center with the same, nurturing staff to provide care. Our classes help to prepare and support you as you begin this new adventure of parenthood.

As a new parent, you’ll be comforted knowing that a lactation consultant is available for breastfeeding questions and our caring nurses are always available to help you with baby and self care.

For your convenience and to ensure a smooth and stress-free birthing day, we ask that you pre-register at 36 weeks. To make it easy, a pre-registration form (PDF) is available to download.

Please browse our resources, and feel free to call us with any questions.

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