Contacts and Hospital Directory

Willamette Valley Medical Center
2700 SE Stratus Ave
McMinnville, OR 97128


Main Switchboard: 503.472.6131

Office Phone #
Admitting 503.435.6330
Birthing Center 503.435.6400
Business Office 503.435.6535
Cancer Center 503.435.6590
Cardiac Rehab 503.435.6550
Cardiopulmonary 503.435.6565
Case Management  503.435.6528
Chaplain 503.472.6131 ext. 8399
Executive Offices 503.435.6320
Financial Services 503.435.6535
Gift Shop 503.435.6414
Human Resources 503.435.6370
Materials Management 503.435.6500
Medical Records 503.435.6415
Nutritionist 503.435.6366
Occupational Medicine Clinic 503.435.6556
Outpatient Scheduling 503.435.6380
Physician Referral 503.435.4575
Plant Operations 503.435.6560
Radiology 503.435.6440
Rehabilitations Program 503.435.6504
Sleep Disorders Center 503.435.6450
Switchboard 503.472.6131
Therapy Services 503.435.6550
Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine 503.472.5749

Maggie Antunez


Born in Los Angeles.
Loves to golf.
Caters upscale tacos.

"People come to the hospital in all sorts of different situations. I like to bring a smile, especially when they are going through a hard time, and that makes me feel better. I’m here if they need anything."

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