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Surgical weight-loss patient Bob Paladeni lost 100 lbs!

No more diabetes, sleep apnea, leg pain, asthma, or gout. Watch his inspirational story. If you are considering weight-loss surgery, he has important advice for you.

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82-Year-Old Credits Cardiac Rehabilitation For His Recovery
By Simon Steely

If you’re driving on country roads near Whiteson, Amity, or Perrydale, you may spy 82-year-old Simon Steely pedaling his recumbent bike on a 20 mile ride. “(I love) riding in God’s creation!”he declares. A retired electrical engineer from Albuquerque, N.M., Steely had heart bypass and valve replacement surgery in 2009. Today, he credits his recovery…

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“If You’re In Pain, Get it Done Tomorrow,” Says Hip Replacement Patient
By Tom Jackson, McMinnville Resident

Tom Jackson endured terrible pain in his hips for more than two years. He walked with a limp and labored at work, but since both knees were replaced a decade ago, he wasn’t keen on another surgery. After a serious fall, he finally sought help at our Joint Replacement Institute. “I fell down deer hunting…

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You Matter


I Know Being Pregnant Is Not an Excuse, But…
By Kendra Lindell

Note: Kendra is expecting twins in October. She is writing about her pregnancy each week.  I’ve always been a cryer. Crying runs in my family and I have a slew of easily teary eyed aunts who can attest to this. So six months into my pregnancy I was surprised I hadn’t had any fits of…

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5 minutes in my hot car
By Zac Woodruff, RN, BSN

You’ve probably read about it, talked about it, or seen news coverage on the topic over the last few weeks. People all around the country are getting fed up with adults leaving their children and animals in hot cars.The other night after work, I wanted to experience how it feels to be trapped in a…

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