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Get to Know Dr. Jennifer Green, DO

Dr. Green has joined our medical staff and is accepting new patients at Physicians Medical Center.

My Amazing Care Story


Technology, Skill and Generosity Give Bob Rome the Gift of Voice
By Bob Rome

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation, Speech Therapist Melinda Grady and technology, Bob Rome can “speak” again. A retired contractor and Vietnam veteran, Rome was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer last year at age 70. He underwent a laryngectomy that removed his larynx and vocal folds, and left him without the…

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82-Year-Old Credits Cardiac Rehabilitation For His Recovery
By Simon Steely

If you’re driving on country roads near Whiteson, Amity, or Perrydale, you may spy 82-year-old Simon Steely pedaling his recumbent bike on a 20 mile ride. “(I love) riding in God’s creation!”he declares. A retired electrical engineer from Albuquerque, N.M., Steely had heart bypass and valve replacement surgery in 2009. Today, he credits his recovery…

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You Matter


These are the Flu Facts
By Zac Woodruff, RN, BS

Let’s talk about the flu vaccine. I got mine earlier this week and my decision to do so was based on the science behind vaccinations, my understanding of that science, and my desire to protect… myself and my family from possible illness.Do I know that I could still get some type of flu bug this…

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A Math Error, High Blood Pressure, and Request for Netflix Suggestions
By Kendra Lindell

Note: Kendra Lindell is expecting twins next month. She writes about her experience here. It’s been an eventful week. I thought I was in the clear, but as I was rounding up on 36 weeks this past week, I started getting a feeling like maybe we weren’t quite ready. Call it mother’s intuition, but something…

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