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Meet Dr. Scott Diamond, a general surgeon who recently joined our medical staff.

Dr. Diamond performs a wide range of surgeries, including gall bladder, hernia, anti-reflux, colon, thyroid, parathyroid, weight-loss and breast surgeries. Get to know him by watching this short video. We think you'll like him! You can make an appointment with Dr. Diamond by calling 503-434-6060.

My Amazing Care Story


It Was Miracle After Miracle After Miracle
By Pastor Robert Grady

Robert Grady, pastor at McMinnville Christian Faith Center, came to Willamette Valley Medical Center with intense abdominal pain. While he was in our emergency department, his blood pressure started dropping. “The blood pressure just kept dropping, dropping, dropping,” explains his wife, Denise. Within minutes, he flatlined. Thanks to the quick response of our intensive care…

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Uninsured McMinnville Couple Receives Free Medical Care
By Bob and Nancy Palasky

Last year Willamette Valley Medical Center provided $19.2 million in free or discounted care for friends and neighbors in our community. Here’s the story of one of those families — Dave and Nancy Palasky of McMinnville.Last fall, Dave felt weak and struggled with his breathing. When two rounds of antibiotics did not take him down…

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You Matter


Because I’m Happy!
By Zac Woodruff, RN

You’ve probably heard that new Pharrell song “Happy” playing on the radio over the last few months (If you haven’t heard it, you should because it’s awesome). In the last few weeks, it has become my theme song and it’s been playing over and over in my head, time and time again. Here’s why. I’m…

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The Best Attitude… Is Gratitude!
By Zac Woodruff, RN

At the end of my shift yesterday, I was saying goodbye to a patient that I had cared for on three consecutive shifts, and she shared with me her gratitude for my care. I also shared my gratitude with her, thanking her for her strong effort to recover, her kind heart, and her willingness to work…

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