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Surgical weight-loss patient Bob Paladeni lost 100 lbs!

No more diabetes, sleep apnea, leg pain, asthma, or gout. Watch his inspirational story. If you are considering weight-loss surgery, he has important advice for you.

My Amazing Care Story


82-Year-Old Credits Cardiac Rehabilitation For His Recovery
By Simon Steely

If you’re driving on country roads near Whiteson, Amity, or Perrydale, you may spy 82-year-old Simon Steely pedaling his recumbent bike on a 20 mile ride. “(I love) riding in God’s creation!”he declares. A retired electrical engineer from Albuquerque, N.M., Steely had heart bypass and valve replacement surgery in 2009. Today, he credits his recovery…

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“If You’re In Pain, Get it Done Tomorrow,” Says Hip Replacement Patient
By Tom Jackson, McMinnville Resident

Tom Jackson endured terrible pain in his hips for more than two years. He walked with a limp and labored at work, but since both knees were replaced a decade ago, he wasn’t keen on another surgery. After a serious fall, he finally sought help at our Joint Replacement Institute. “I fell down deer hunting…

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You Matter


I am an organ donor. You should be too.
By Zac Woodruff, RN, BS

Unfortunately, part of working in a hospital is dealing with death. Sometimes patients pass unexpectedly, sometimes it’s expected. Sometimes they are older and sometimes they are younger.While dying is a journey that we all will take at some point, it can be an uncomfortable topic to think about or discuss, regardless of your age or…

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I Know Being Pregnant Is Not an Excuse, But…
By Kendra Lindell

Note: Kendra is expecting twins in October. She is writing about her pregnancy each week.  I’ve always been a cryer. Crying runs in my family and I have a slew of easily teary eyed aunts who can attest to this. So six months into my pregnancy I was surprised I hadn’t had any fits of…

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